I graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design way back in 2002

Which was so long ago, that name doesn't even exist anymore (it's now called BCU) 🙃

Since then (when I’m not surgically attached to my iPad, sketchpad or POSCA pens)...

you’ll find me freelancing and coaching high-achieving creatives who’ve lost their mojo in their business or career, to recover (and live) their true creative call. 

And my art and illustration, is me living mine.

It’s been a wiggly-winding road to get here though, following 20+ years as a designer and art director, 10+ years of self-employment building and pivoting three businesses, and 5+ years as a coach, but it feels like a serendipitous, wiggly-winding road by design, that's poetically led me right back home, to the real-est me ❤️

👉🏻 the 2-year-old-me who created 'Crayola murals' on my hall wall at home)

#sorrynotsorry Mom 🙃

That road has involved a whole barrel-load of bold, radical, creative (and v.uncomfortable) decisions, but that's also made my artist recovery in this season of my life, all the more special and satisfying.

To be an emerging artist/illustrator in my 40s feels like the coolest thing I could possibly model for my daughter, and I'm dead excited for what's next.

My creative ambitions as an artist/illustrator over the coming years are to;

📚 create my own colouring books

✏️ write and illustrate my own children's picture books, and

🎨 paint my own murals too...

If you want to follow what happens next

I'm chronicling my creative comeback on Substack as a 40-something artist/illustrator, and I'd love to see you over there :)

I share artist recovery diary entries, take-a-walk-and-talk-with-me voice notes, artworks-in-progress, self-coaching tools and creative cuppa-chats.

Sound up your street?

  • Likes:

    👍🏻 Collective liberation and social justice

    👍🏻 Caring about the planet

    👍🏻 Living like my life depends on it

    👍🏻 A new colouring book and fresh, new pens

    👍🏻 Rollerskating

    👍🏻 My Nike Air Max 90s collection

    👍🏻 The smell of patchouli

  • Dislikes:

    👎🏻 White supremacy/capitalism/patriarchy

    👎🏻 Climate-change deniers

    👎🏻 Taking life for granted

    👎🏻 Old, dried-out pens

    👎🏻 The faff of going swimming/drying et al

    👎🏻 Nike Air Rift Split-Toe/camel-toe trainers

    👎🏻 The smell of burnt toast