Come meet The Creative's Daily Planner

A 90-day planner for artists and creative souls with big creative ambitions

AKA: your new artist secret weapon

  • Unlock your 12-week year

    Remove the overwhelm of trying to achieve your creative goals within an arbitrary calendar year. This planner helps you focus on a shorter 12-week time-frame. Not only does this help you focus in on what truly matters, it makes you set more achievable targets which you feel more motivated to reach, and you actually make stuff happen!

  • Close your eyes to see

    With every purchased planner, you'll gain access to my 'Future Artist' guided visualisation. This is a proven tool to help you connect with your bigger, unconscious vision as an artist in five years' time. When you have true clarity over where you're heading, you can take the practical steps to close that gap and actually get there.

  • Break it down now

    When you start with the end in mind and reverse-engineer your pathway towards it, it's a lot easier to minimise 'shiny object syndrome' and veering off-course. This planner was built on this strategy and walks you through exactly how to take a big, five-year vision, and break it down into digestible, do-able daily microsteps.

Choose your favourite!