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  • November = the month of pausing to breathe
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    Kerry Lyons
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November = the month of pausing to breathe

K guys, I'm not going to lie to you, the last couple of months have been amongst the most jam-packed, challenging few weeks of my life so far...for various reasons that will be uncovered very soon.

And as much as I'd love to profess that my October was indeed spent 'being kind to myself' as I'd hoped, it just wasn't that kinda month! How and ever, this challenging period in my life has allowed me to approach my November with the fresh mindset that it's okay if my version of being kind to myself, is simply taking a second to 'just breathe'.

If you happen to going through your own version of challenges and feeling overwhelmed, I hope this free iPhone wallpaper encourages you to press the pause button on your own craziness momentarily and just breeeeeeathe xo

    So as before, you can choose from the below downloads; 

    When the image loads in your mobile browser, press and hold it and select 'save image'.

    iPhone 4 lock screen >
    iPhone 4 home screen >

    iPhone 5 lock screen >
    iPhone 5 home screen >

    iPhone 6 lock screen >
    iPhone 6 home screen >

    To get the best positioning for your wallpaper, be sure to scale down your wallpapers to fit your screen and switch off your 'perspective zoom'.

    • Author avatar
      Kerry Lyons
    • Downloads