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  • September = the month of challenging yourself
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    Kerry Lyons
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September = the month of challenging yourself

Something that's very close to my heart this coming month (gah, is it September tomorrow?!), is the mix of emotions I'm soon to face from the super-challenging month ahead.

And the weirdest bit of all, is that it's challenging in a totally self-inflicted way! Am I barmy? Of course!

Let me set the scene. Amongst spinning a fair few exciting plates in my personal life, I'm managing ongoing professional projects AND exhibiting at two trade shows in the UK, one weekend after the other this month. So that's flying over, painting and setting up the stand, showcasing my products, being a global salesperson on my feet for four days, *hopefully* meeting new and existing stockists and taking some lovely orders, then dismantling the stand to fit neatly back on a pallet, and coming home to a wonderful production line of packing orders into the early hours. And twice :)

So why am I pushing myself to my limit and putting myself through this? There's soooo many reasons...because life is being wasted if I'm not challenging myself; to set myself an almost unrealistic task, scare myself, and see if I can do it; to break out of my routine and feel alive; to meet even more lovely people in this lovely industry; to never stagnate and take life for granted...the list is endless!

And if my free September iPhone wallpaper can inspire you in any small way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, even in a teeny-tiny way, then I'm happy out :) xo

    So as before, you can choose from the below downloads; 

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      Kerry Lyons
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