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    Kerry Lyons
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Brand-spanking-new exclusive product preview

There's one thing I used to love about this time of year, and that was going back to school armed with that sense of being able to start afresh, begin anew, along with a bucketload of new stuff too!

New uniform, sometimes new shoes if I was lucky, maybe even a new bag, and ALWAYS new stationery :) yum! And now I'm working in that lovely industry, each September I get to re-live that awesome 'new' feeling and show off a whole load of new stuff to the most beautiful retailers and boutiques from around the world. Lucky me.

I'm now on the two-week countdown to the first of two international trade shows I'm exhibiting at, so I wanted to share an exclusive product preview with you of some of the new stuff due for release in the coming weeks. 

New Christmas card box sets

New luxe single Christmas cards

New gift tags

New giftwrap and tags

New wedding and bridal shower bunting

New social stationery range

Now don't say I don't ever give you anything – and shhhh, remember it's top secret! ;)

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    Kerry Lyons
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