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  • Your Kerry Lyons Co. summer party essentials
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    Kerry Lyons
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Your Kerry Lyons Co. summer party essentials

Whether you're UK or Ireland-based, you should've hopefully experienced a tiny slither of summeryness somewhere over the past week. Hasn't it been wonderful? And, do you know what this also means? It means that there's now all sorts of opportunities for parties, outdoor gatherings and summery get-togethers! Woo!

In celebration of all things summery and party-ful, I thought I'll pull together a cute list of party essentials to style your party with the classiest party decor and conduct your party with the utmost in social decorum.

The first step in any party preparations is to draw up your invitee list and send them an invitation. There's no better way to do that than with our very own party invitations >

Once you have your partygoers organised, it's time to plan your nibbles and tableware. I think these square, recyclable side plates from the fabulous Pipii are perfect >

Couple those with this uber-classy bamboo cutlery set >

And these statement monochrome napkins, and you'll set your party out from all the rest >

Your guests also need something cute and practical for all those ice-cold Pimms and G&Ts :) I don't think you can go wrong with these paper cups from the Candle & Cake Party Shop >


And if those cups weren't classy enough, you'll most certainly be the host with the most if you pop one of these black and white straws in each cup >

Then we get to the fun decor :) our statement party bunting would work as the perfect entrance welcome to your get-together >

And you simply cannot have a party without the right balloon. I think these guys are perfect from the lovely Peach Blossom >


And so your party was all kinds of awesomeness, your place looked fabulous, your food was delicious and most importantly, your guests had a ball :) so what better way to remember the occasion than by sending your partygoers your heartfelt thanks >

May your parties be fabulous and last all summer long <3

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    Kerry Lyons
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