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  • May = the month of being present in the moment
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    Kerry Lyons
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May = the month of being present in the moment

Yep, you're right. We're looking the month of May in the face. Cerazy right?! I'm always trying out lil' tricks and techniques to try and make time go a bit slower. Granted I'm yet to master any of them, but that doesn't dampen my determination!

One tried and tested trick that definitely does work however (when you've the focus to implement it that is!), is being present in the moment. 

It sounds like a simple mindset to have, but it's deceptively tricky to maintain, especially when you've got so much on your plate and a busy life to uphold. So that's where our free iPhone wallpapers can come in and help you as a being-more-mindful tool – and as a really useful daily reminder (on a device that's never far from your paws), to be more mindful.

Whether you're having a great time, tough time, or indifferent time, being mindful of yourself, your feelings and your surroundings can really help you be in the moment and enjoy the now

So as before, you can choose from the below downloads; 

When the image loads in your mobile browser, press and hold it and select 'save image'.

iPhone 4 lock screen >
iPhone 4 home screen >

iPhone 5 lock screen >
iPhone 5 home screen >

iPhone 6 lock screen >
iPhone 6 home screen >

To get the best positioning for your wallpaper, be sure to scale down your wallpapers to fit your screen and switch off your 'perspective zoom'.

Try a wallpaper and see if it works, and you never know, seeing the reminder each time you look at your phone might even help you stay off your mobile a bit more, so you can enjoy the real-life, non-digital world that bit more too ;) xo 

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    Kerry Lyons
  • DownloadsInspiration