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  • March = the month of appreciating the little things
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    Kerry Lyons
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March = the month of appreciating the little things

I can't believe it's already time for another collection of iPhone wallpapers and we're through another month of 2015 already.

You'll be relieved to hear that I'm not going to ramble in this week's post as I'm already in the throes of an in-depth-insight type post for you for next week. I know, almost too much excitement to bear right? ;)

The chances are, you've clicked into this post because you wanna get your wallpapers and carry on with your March quick-smart, so without further ado :) the theme of this month's wallpaper is focusing on the simple things in life; the minute we begin to take life too seriously and get het up over silly things, we need to remind ourselves that all we truly need is 'less'.

So as before, you can choose from the below downloads; 

When the image loads in your mobile browser, press and hold it and select 'save image'.

iPhone 4 lock screen >
iPhone 4 home screen >

iPhone 5 lock screen >
iPhone 5 home screen >

iPhone 6 lock screen >
iPhone 6 home screen >

To get the best positioning for your wallpaper, be sure to scale down your wallpapers to fit your screen and switch off your 'perspective zoom'.

It may not be above 5ºC outside, but the feeling of Spring is in the air lovelies! :) xo

  • Author avatar
    Kerry Lyons
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