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  • Getting inspired: my creative juice mix-tape
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    Kerry Lyons
  • InspirationWorking for yourself

Getting inspired: my creative juice mix-tape

I get asked a lot how I come up with product ideas and designs, and mostly, [truthfully], it's a lot of uninvited inner monologue when I accidentally wake up at 4am and get all huffy that I'm no longer asleep. 

But outside of those times, when I'm under pressure to be creative and pull something out of the bag during a frantic working day, my first go-to resource is always music. And I'm not going to lie, when a day gets particularly challenging, I very often side-slide into an impromptu dance-break in the middle of my studio to release some of the tension. 

Yep. Like full-on in-da-club moves. 

And yep. No shame to be sharing it with whomever cares to read my blog ;)

Sure, it makes me sound like a mental person, but it always helps me take the situation a little less seriously, and always reminds me that getting creative is, and should be a fun process.

So I thought I'd pull together a wee mix-tape of my top five, 'creative juice' tracks* and share them with you, in the hope that they might help to ease a wee bit of tension you might have, inspire you to try out a dance-break of your own, and get you on the path to feeling motivated, inspired and ready to tackle the creative challenge ahead, whatever that may be. 

*Disclaimer: there's a 95% chance my taste in music is likely to offend you. Please proceed with caution :)

First up we have Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

This is always the warm-up to my dance-break. And of course involves muchos shuffling.

Next up we have Forever by the awesomeness that is Haim.

My dance-break is often particularly effective if hair-swinging is coupled with this track.

Now, bear with me on this one. The epic Good Vibrations by Marky Mark is soooo perfect for dance breaks I can't tell you.

Don't judge me until you've listened to this one with a 2014-ear. I mean seriously? When Donnie D's on the back-up, drug free, and putting the crack up? It's a win-win situation! :)

Next up we have Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap.

My anthem of 2009. And as this track's bound to induce repeated jumping on the spot, I recommend a dance-break in a solid-floored room :)

And finally, Love Never Felt So Good by my all time favourite artist Michael Jackson has been my most recent go-to saviour-song.

It's been particularly overplayed by me during the last few frantic months and despite it being a new release, it completely takes me back to old-school MJ. Good times.

I appreciate this might not be the most sane or professional advice offered on a blog. But honestly, don't knock it til you've tried it!

Top tip #1: Play it loud. Top tip #2: Play it proud. Top tip #3: The sillier the shapes the better.

Even if it only helps one of you, my work here is done :)

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    Kerry Lyons
  • InspirationWorking for yourself