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  • How you can help a friend more than you know
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    Kerry Lyons
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How you can help a friend more than you know

I came across an article this week that struck such a chord with me I felt the need to spend a lil' time on the subject. The subject being sending get well greeting cards for depression. I can sense your mood may have instantly gone from "Woo it's sunny and it's a Friday!" to "Wow, what a buzz kill, cheers Kerry". 

But that's exactly what I want to challenge; why we instantly feel awkward around people with depression and how we communicate with them. We should instead be about sharing the love and sending a smile y'know?

I'm fortunate (or unfortunate enough depending on how you look at it!) to have experienced bouts of depression in my life, and whether you have or haven't yourself, we all know it aint pretty. But what IS pretty, is the ability of an unexpected card in the post to make a difference. And I'm not just talking a lil' temporary difference that lasts mere moments, I'm talking about a difference that has the power to change someone's outlook for an entire day and beyond. What a cool superpower to have right? :) You can change things.

I agree that there is a trickyness to finding get well cards for mental illness that fit the bill. Generic cards that involve the condescending phrase 'get well soon' for example are a little off the mark (as I'm sure that's exactly what they want to do but have zero control over!). But that's where we come in :) dum dee dum!

Our cards are designed to be uplifting from the get-go and they allow you to truly speak from the heart, even if you find it hard to. We also purposely steer away from the industry-standard messaging as I'm pretty sure the thousands of other greeting card publishers have those covered at this stage!

So if you want to send a card to someone that's having a crappy time of things, we've whipped up a lil' curated collection to make things easy for you :)

This is a lovely way to tell someone they're not alone, and never will be :) 

Buy #don'tbescared – I'll catch you >

This one is perfect for encouraging some forward-thinking :)

Buy #don'tlookback – you can't change that bit >

This is the sweetest way to show someone you're there for them, through thick and thin :)

Buy #herebesideyou – for keeps >

This is one of my favourites as I personally like to throw a dash of cheekiness into the mix :)

Buy #releaseyourinnerbadass – it knows what to do >

This is a super-sweet way to let someone far away know that they're in your thoughts, no matter the distance :)

Buy #sooowanttobethere – miss you >

And finally, this one is the perfect lil' reminder that whatever their battle or self-doubt, they ARE actually worth it :)

Buy #you'reworthit – so go get it >

So if this post rings true and you've a friend or someone close to you who's having a bit of a crappy time of it, you should never underestimate the superpower of sending a hug in an envelope :) you can help them in more ways than you know xo

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    Kerry Lyons
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