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  • My top six awe-inspiring instagrammers
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    Kerry Lyons
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My top six awe-inspiring instagrammers

I don't know about you, but the first thing I tap on when a have a five-minute-phone break is my beloved Instagram. I. Cannot. Get. Enough.

And as Instagram is such a huge source of inspiration for me (as are you my lovely), I thought it might be cute to share my top six most inspirational instagrammers with you. And what a lovely line-up I have for you too. Sheesh. Prepare for your Instagram double-tap-liking obsession to escalate to a whole new level :)

First up, we possibly have the sweetest story behind an Instagram feed from @benjaminhole.

Benjamin Hole makes his living as a farmer on the south coast of England, and he lovingly documents each working day (which is basically every day) on Instagram. He shares the most beautiful photography and video footage of his extended farm-animal-family and each post is accompanied with a sweet description of its content or back-story. His sincerity and adoration for his way of life is the most charming thing about this inspiring instagrammer. I suspect his near 70,000 followers might agree with me.

Next we have the legendary type foundry @houseindustries and their delicious typography-based pornography.

I've been a fan of these guys since my university days in the late (*cough*) 90s , and they're still working this type world like a boss. Their distinctive aesthetic has been unfalteringly consistent the whole time I've known them, which basically goes to show their style and talent is totally timeless, unapologetic and classic. Their Instagram feed is full of sexy-ass typography, their awesome products and deadly lil' behind-the-scenes snapshots. If you like design in any form, you'll love these guys.

Now then, have you eaten yet today? 'Cause the edible photo diary of the wizard @donalskehan will get your belly rumbling.

I'm serious.

It's actually a little upsetting how talented this guy is. Not only is Donal Skehan an Irish master of food creation, he's a pro behind the camera, a handsome pro in front of the camera and a fine writer. I mean seriously? But what's not in the least bit upsetting is the fact that the likes of you and I can live his damn cool life vicariously through the joys of his awesome Instagram feed. Warning: following Donal is not advised if you're trying to avoid any kind of food temptation. This feed will have you hungry and salivating 100% of the time. 

Next up is the stunning photography of super feminine fellow paper goods-obsessive @amlwarner

Abigail Warner is the Creative Director of her self-titled design and paper goods studio, as well as being the co-founder of The Paper Girls creative entrepreneur workshops. Her eye for all things boutiquey, simple and delicate really is second to none, and it almost feels like you're being cleansed when you scroll through her photos. Seriously. It's like purifying or something :) Simply put, her feed is the perfect, calming way to enjoy a sunny, Sunday morning browse while reading the papers (allowing us to imagine that our lives are equally as perfectly sunny and calm. I mean, who doesn't want that of a Sunday morning?).

Now assuming you adore New York like me, you're gonna love the pioneering iPhone photography skills of @sean___p

I stumbled across this guy by accident, and wow, what a beautiful accident it was. I'm continually dumbfounded by his genius techniques and his unique eye for capturing New York city. What I find most inspiring is his extraordinary ability to see the city in ways that others rarely do. I mean we've all seen those classic shots of the Empire State Building, from the Rockefeller skyline, from the ground-up, but from a puddle? There's no denying this guy is gifted. And the gift of his instagram feed is there for the taking. Take it!

And last but not least, we have my favourite crafter of pen and paper, the uber-talented @penmanships

I initially didn't cop on that this guy's lettering was all created by hand until I saw this video back in December. It's fair to say that it blew my socks clean off and I've been in complete awe of him since. Now I say 'him' 'cause his hand looks a little on the man-ish side, but his identity's always hidden in his posts so I can't say for sure. But what I can say for sure however is if you're a fan of handcrafted talent and typography, this guy's posts should be in your life.

So, feeling inspired?

Should this lil' list have inspired a deeper and more committed relationship with your Instagram account, make sure you look up @kerrylyonsco too, if you haven't stumbled across me already that is. My feed is full of backstage bits and bobs that you're not gonna see anywhere else. VIP access kinda-thing. In the meantime, enjoy all the farmy, typey, foodie, papery, New-Yorky, lettery additions to your Instagram home feed :) you're gonna love 'em XO

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    Kerry Lyons
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