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  • Stationery addicts anonymous: Six journal picks
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    Kerry Lyons
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Stationery addicts anonymous: Six journal picks

I'm forever scribbling, doodling, documenting and note-taking. In fact at this point in time, I have no less than SEVEN notebooks/journals/pads on my desk alone. And that's not even taking into account what's in my handbag, bedside table and car. Addict? Yip. Proud of it? Most certainly :)

But I can't profess to be a legitimate stationery addict without giving my contribution to the UK's National Stationery Week next week can I? So in celebration of all things fantastically stationerised (new word), I've pulled together my six picks of the most delicious journals about. #yumski

First up is this cutie from Wit and Whistle

As cute as the design is of this lil' journal, my favourite part of it is the sentiment. In this digital realm we live and love in, it's become waaaay too easy to stop writing by hand, and even forgetting how to hold a pen altogether to be honest. So a little gentle encouragement to document your thoughts on paper, even if they suck, gets my seal of approval.

Next up is this awesome DIY idea from Spoonful crafts

This genius little idea can work with any hardback notebook you have to hand, and you can colour co-ordinate with an array of coloured or plain elastic bands. I'm definitely trying this one out – there's nothing worse than having all these lovely notebooks and not having a feckin' pen to write in 'em with!

Now here's one for the stationery AND embroidery addicts from Curious Doodles #swoon

This is a particular treat for my fellow embroidery fans. Never has something been so pleasing to my eye than the marriage of stationery, dot-to-dot and embroidery :) A fab lil idea to get your hands off the laptop keyboard and back into making cute stuff.

Anyone grow up in the 80s? Loving this VHS notebook from Animi Causa :)

I'm a sucker for 80s nostalgia and any excuse to feel like a kid again and I'm there. (But to be honest, it still kinda freaks me out that 80s stuff is old enough to be classed as 'nostalgia', right? I need a pause button or a time machine or something. Where's the flux capacitor Marty?) Anyway, a super cute detail of these video notebooks is the ability to title them like you used to title your home videos. Sweet.

Now we have the cutest screen-printed Moleskine® journal from Alfamarama

The simplicity of this Moleskine® journal is just perfection for me. The perfect mix of devious and delicious. I think the kraft brown, handmade feel is an excellent design choice too. I'm a big fan of hatching dastardly plans of global domination in notebooks; reality, finances and ability aside, naturally. I mean, where's the fun in writing down perfectly-achievable goals anyway?

And last but the furthest from least, we have these heavenly stone paper journals by Ogami

Now, I had the sheer joy of test-running one of these journals at the Autumn Fair last year and my gosh, they are divine to write on. It's difficult to articulate how awesome the paper is through the written word of a blog post, but trust me, they're something else. The paper is made in Italy, but it's essentially made of stone instead of wood. Yep, stone. It's genius. And if you manage to track one down, get one :)

So, the moral of the story folks? Why not celebrate National Stationery Week next week, ditch your devices every once in a while, and swap 'em with a gorgeous-looking notebook instead. And then maybe you can get into the habit of writing something down each day. Even if it sucks.

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    Kerry Lyons
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