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  • Six ways to big-up your ceiling, big-time
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    Kerry Lyons
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Six ways to big-up your ceiling, big-time

A wise Yazz once said, The only way is up, and I'd be inclined to agree with her. Wise old words from 1988.

So if you'd be so kind as to just stop for a second, look up and see if your ceiling is something other than a plain ol' flat expanse of 'meh, s'okay'. Granted a fair few of you may be at work right now and couldn't care less what the ceiling there is like, but if that's you, try and cast your mind back to eating your breakfast at home this morning or watching the telly at home last night. Is your ceiling something to be proud of? Does it compliment your no-doubt fabulous interior design style?

If the answer is 'no', 'there's room for improvement' or 'I've never even looked at it before', then I've got a sublime selection of ideas to get your interior juices flowing.

1. First up is this beamed ceiling by PS & Daughters

Now some of you may argue this is a bit of an outdated 70s idea, but hey, good style never goes out of fashion, and if you're careful to select the right quality and colour of wood, I think this addition can really elevate your living space into something really homely and classy like this one.

2. Next we have one of my personal favourites, photographed by Mina Brinkey

I can't get enough of metallics at the moment, and these ceiling tiles are just to die for. Not only does this ceiling do an awesome job of opening the kitchen up (with light reflecting off it at every angle imaginable), but it also takes this kitchen from a pretty mundane and traditional country kitchen, into an unbelievably chic space; a space that makes cooking and washing up seem more enjoyable, and I'm pretty sure it'd make your food taste nicer too :)

3. Next up is this stunning wooden panelled ceiling from LEANARCH Inc.

This ceiling is the showpiece of this living space, hands-down. It not only brings warmth and visual interest, but it also provides a gorgeous, well-needed rustic quality to take the interior to the next level. In fact, I'm a bit obsessed with natural wood installations and I'm actually working on sourcing a supplier for a wooden wall in my own kitchen. I need one in my life :)

4. This ceiling idea by Brunelleschi Construction is not for the faint-hearted 

...but oh my days does it look cool. This look is particularly effective for industrial style interiors, but it can be surprisingly effective for any modern interior. Especially if you already have a selection of black furnishings – notice how awesome the black framed window looks here compared to the white one. Stunning.

5. Then we have this very easy and impactful trick from the awe-inspiring Abigail Ahern

Simply paint your ceiling the same colour as your walls. Yep, that simple. It will make the space overall feel more roomy, it will blur the lines of where the walls end and the ceiling begins making the space feel taller, and it will add a real touch of class to your living space. This is particularly effective the darker and richer the shade of paint, but if you feel more comfortable road-testing a paler shade first, then this technique will still have an impact.

6. Lastly, we have the easiest of all tricks to inject some life into your blank-canvas-ceiling – our very own ceiling art collection

Not wanting to blow our own trumpet too loudly (perhaps just a little 'toot toot'), but these babies can give such an awesome impact to your home. Minus the time, disruption or investment needed for some of the other ideas. And we're not just limited to bedroom art, we’ve got a great range of beautiful art for the home that would add a unique, quirky touch to your gaff. What better way to welcome guests into your home than by greeting them with a hallway ceiling art message? If you have a knack for interior design, these could be right up your street. They can even make great gifts for friends and housewarming gifts too. 

Maybe you've read this far and you're still not convinced. Maybe you don't agree with Yazz's wisdom and feel 'up' isn't the only way. Well if that's you, then please just do me one last favour; just scroll back through each image and try covering the ceiling for a moment with your hand and imagine what the room would be like without it.

Pretty 'meh s'okay' right? Yazz and myself rest our case.

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    Kerry Lyons
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