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  • Getting inspired
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    Kerry Lyons
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Getting inspired

Thanks for coming back after the thesis that was my first blog post. I actually surprised myself how easy it was for the words to just keep clacking through my keyboard.

But don't worry, it's my intention for my future posts to be a little more 'bite-size' for your easy reading digestion, just like the perfect jaffa cake. Mmmm mmmm.

What I wanted to touch on in today's post is how I get inspired, and how you could add a small slice of inspiration into your own lives if you're so inclined.

I'd like to start with the wondrous creation that is Pinterest. Some designy folk might scoff at the idea of using it for design inspiration, but I find it an amazing resource, for product ideas in particular. And not so much the obvious pins of greeting cards, giftwrap and prints (despite me loving what a few folk are putting out there right now), but more so pins of stand-out packaging, unusual colour schemes, bold interior design and so many other creative touchpoints that can spark an idea. 

While we're lurking in the area of interior design, a designer in particular that has been a huge inspiration to me is a London lady, Abigail Ahern. Her dark, classy interior style has had a huge impact on me and my design choices over the past year. Not only do my bedroom and studio now have black walls, (yes black) but she has inspired me to not be afraid of black, but to embrace it in all its elegance; a design note that can be seen consistently throughout my brand and launch product range.

I'm also inspired by brands that aren't necessarily associated with the giftware/homeware industry; Hard Graft is a great example that springs to mind. The quality, craftmanship and sheer class they pour into everything they do has me taking notes left, right and centre. From web design and social media, to product design and packaging, they've got it bang on if you ask me.

I'm essentially trying to communicate the point that inspiration comes from anywhere, and I mean anywhere – it can be a pattern on a rug, the colours on a scarf, the layout of an email newsletter, soak it all up. You may be thinking that I'm making it sound like an easy process, and believe me, I've felt the wrath of many a creative block in my time. But maybe take the pressure off yourself a little and step back. Try and look at things differently, take a walk, head to the shops, even the shelves of your local supermarket can be a haven of a creative spark if you open yourself up to it. 

If you've tried and tested all of the above and you're still scratching your head for that lightbulb moment, there's only one thing for it.

Feature image photography by the beyootiful and amazing Amy-Rose Deffley Photography

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    Kerry Lyons
  • Inspiration